Emmerdale Girls - Past and Present

Emmerdale has some of the finest girls of any TV soap.

With the likes of Roxanne Pallet, Amy Nuttal and Sheree Murphy it's not hard to see why Emmerdale is one of the most watched shows on TV. Roxanne Pallet who plays the beaten wife Jo Sugden, is now one of the hottest girls on TV according to mens magazines. After gracing many magazine covers in skimpy bikinis and next to nothing at all, Roxanne is slowly mikng herself to be one of the hottest girls in the UK.

Amy Nuttal who left Emmerdale a few years ago, was hot, but she then left and has not really been on our TV screens for a while. Sheree Murphy, who still graces our TV screens with shows like I'm a Celebrity and Loose Women and more, she is still their as one of Emmerdales hottest babes.

Check out this great video for the best shots of Emmerdale Babes past and present.