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Emmerdale Catch Up

Being missing Emmerdale?...It's time to catch up.
Sorry it's been a while, but lets get back to it. From now on, new videos and hot news everyday.
So since ive been gone, Charity and Cain have returned and brought some hot story lines back into this part of the Dales. Loved Charitys face at the wedding, i think we all knew it was going to be her.

Heres a brand new catch up episode of Emmerdale-

Episodes of Emmerdale Online.

Here are a few episodes from the end of May and the Beginning of June 2009.

It seems that the show is currently concentrating on pushing the new characters who have moved into the village. All can not be what it seems though, and i'm sure we will find out in the near future what they are hiding, if they are hiding anything.

Watch Emmerdale Online

We are pleased to annouce that you can now watch Emmerdale Online!

We will be posting as many episodes as possible in the near future. We must say thank you to TvGlee who is posting these videos online. As with all Online Episodes like Emmerdale and Eastenders, they do not last forever, so watch them while you can.

Here's an episode from 16 June 2009.


Mark (Maxwell Caulfield) defends his attack on Cain (Jeff Hordley) to Maisie (Alice Coulthard) but is secretly worried about the threat Cain made to him. Meanwhile, Faye (Kim Thomson) prepares to meet Mark and Ryan (James Sutton) continues to pry into the identity of his mothers suitor. Faye drives to the village and Mark is furious with her lack of discretion. She coerces him into following her back to the flat. Mark is in no mood for small talk and tells Faye that her pursuit of him makes him feel sick. As hes about to leave Faye panics and explains she invited him so he could meet their son. Mark denounces her claims but when Faye shows him some baby photos Mark realises he cant argue against the genetics. Mark decides he cant go through with the meeting and prepares to leave. However, Ryan arrives back at the flat and Mark struggles to retain his composure as Faye introduces him as her friend.

Emmerdale Catch Up - Full Episodes

Here is a full episode of Emmerdale from February.

Unfortunatly for us, Emmerdale does not have a You Tube fan base as big as Eastenders or Coronation Street.
We dont have a huge amount of Full Episodes available, but here is one for all you fans.

Emmerdale Catch Up - February 2009.

Follow the links for the next parts of this episode.

Emmerdales Daz - Luke Tittensor

Well Daz will now be leaving Emmerdale after his recent trouble with the police.
Never mind all you Daz fans here are some videos of his time in Emmerdale and some fan made videos too-

Here's a funny video where Jimmy catches him in a thong-

Matthews Funeral on You Tube

Here it is, Matthews funeral if you missed it or just want to watch it again.
Matthew who just married Anna, has now left the soap and their is now only 2 Kings brothers left.

Watch it now-

Anna and Matthew Wedding on You Tube.

It sure has been an exciting time on Emmmerdale this past couple of weeks.
Matthew is now gone, Marlon and Donna are heading for divorce after her affair and soooo much more. Would you like to watch the Anna and Matthew wedding again????
Here you go, in High Quality!