Deena Payne quits Emmerdale

Deena Payne who plays Emmerdale's Viv Hope is stepping down as the feisty Viv after 15 years of playing the character. Her exit comes as her character is currently in the dock for fraud, after taking charity money after the death of Ashley and his son Daniel. Viewers know that the real culprit is Freddie Yorke the conman. Viewers will have to see what happens to Viv, not knowing whether she goes to prison or leaves the village with her head bowed in disgrace.

Deena, who is leaving the show to spend more time with her family and help her son through his exams. It is not known whether she will be returning to the show, but Emmerdale will continue on without her high heels and short skirts. The duo of Viv and Bob will discontinue for a little while, but maybe in the near future Viv Hope will return.