Jo leaves Andy for dead!

Ooooooh, it's going to be a cracking week on Emmerdale!

The lovely Jo, i do like her....anyway she leaves andy to die after he impales himself on a spike in his barn. Andy has been a naughty boy to Jo and this is her payback for all his nastiness and pushing her around.

Will Andy die?......You will have to wait and see!

Katie warns Andy

Coming up soon on Emmerdale.

Andy Sugden who's been hurting Jo, mentally and physically, will this week get a warning from his Ex Wife Katie. With all the rumours being rife about his abuse, it's time that someone told him his secret is out. Who would have thought that the school boy Andy would turn into a monster, a bit like his Dad really. In my opinion the story line does not work with Andy, who before time has been such a really nice character, this being a really weird turn in his life.

Also - Is Donna falling for Ross? Her return home was so exciting for her that she ends up kissing him. Is it time for her and Marlon, or is this just a simple mistake?
I think this story is going to run for a while....why make such a big story out of this, if it's just insignificant to her?

Matthew Bose and Michael Jayston to leave Emmerdale

According to news reports, Matthew Bose and Michael Jayston are to leave Emmerdale at the end of this year.
The barman and business man are not leaving the show (Allegedly) because of reports of low morale on the North Yorkshire sets. This according to an Emmerdale insider are just not true. The stars as of yet have not given a reason for their departure, or any hint of a storyline that could see them leave forever or jst a while.

Emmerdale beats Eastenders in the TV ratings & Whos the Gunman in Emmerdale?

An hour long nail biting episode of Emmerdale beat the ever so powerful BBC One soap Eastenders in this past week. The episode saw an armed gunman hold Katie and Matthew hostage at home farm. For viewers who didnt see the episode, i wont spoil your viewing pleasure for this weekends omnibus.

What does this mean for Emmerdale? Is the Yorkshire soap getting more popular and growing in viewers popularity? Or is the ever so dull and depressing (In my personal opinion) Eastenders losing it's power? Or is it just that Emmerdale was an hour long special, with the writers leading the story into a climax just as Eastenders was starting?.......

Here's a cool clip from Emmerdale- If you dont want to k now anything about this weeks shoot out, dont watch it!

Mark Little - Joe Mangel from Neighbours to star in Emmerdale.

Another Aussie TV star is heading for Emmerdale.

Mark Little who played Joe Mangel in Neighbours in the late 80's and early 90's is set to star in Emmerdale, which will be on our screens in October. Joe....sorry Mark will star in a 1 hour special edition of the show. Along side Emily Symons who plays Louise and Richard Grieve who plays Jonny Foster who also starred in Neighbours and Home and Away, Mark will be another Aussie getting down on the farm. The story line is not being released at present, alll that is known is the he will play a business man called Jonty, who has some history with Louise.....

Where Is Emmerdale Filmed - Map of Emmerdale

Visiting the filming locations of the popular ITV night time soap opera Emmerdale is still quite an easy task.

When the filming of Emmerdale first began in the 1970s, the small Yorkshire town of Arndale in Littondale was used for the very early title sequences of the show. The show was originally conceived as being a daytime soap opera, this was soon moved to it's early evening time slot, a place it still holds today after more than 20 years.

At the beginning of the 1980s, the outdoor shots were then filmed in the town of Esholt also in West Yorkshire. Esholt was used for a very long time for shooting scenes, this in return made the town very popular with tourists, later causing a problem because with so many visitors were coming to visit Esholt, the local council were receiving complaints from residents that their town was becoming over run. After discussions and plans being submitted for extra car parks and facilities, it was decided by the council that this was not a good plan.

The early 1990s saw the whole format of Emmerdale Farm change, Farm was dropped from the title and an exclusive purpose built outdoor set was built on the outskirts of Harrogate in North Yorkshire, on the estate of Harewood House. Fans today still visit the areas of Arndale and Esholt as this is the original home of the still popular ITV show. It is still possible to visit The Woolpack, the fictional public house used as the shows main center point.

Use this map to get directions from your location to Esholt. Click on the "A" for more information.

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Use this one for the New Outdoor Set on the Harewood Estate. Click on the Letters for information.

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