Emmerdale Catch Up April 15th 2011.

In recent episodes, we have seen a slow decline of Jackson, and people who love him are starting to worry. After his recent scare at the Comedy Club, it is only making him more depressed. Nicola has to apologize to Kelly over things said and done about Jimmy.

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Emmerdale Catch Up Online January 2011

EmmerdaleAfter this months tragic events, Emmerdale is now pulling itself back together.
We have seen Terry being buried and Andy being thrown out of the church because everyone thinks he did it. Carl is also another target for gossip, and he soon gets banged up for a few hours.
Katie is also falling for the real bad guy too, and it will only lead to trouble.

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Jackson in Emmerdale.

Jackson in Emmerdale.

One of the most popular characters in Emmerdale right now is Jackson.
Together with Aaron, they are making the Yorkshire Dales come alive. In the next few months, we are going to see a different side to Jackson, when his father comes to Emmerdale.
After being contacted by his ex wife, played by Pauline Quirke, because he was seriously in an accident.

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Emmerdale Full Episode February 17.

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Marks Shooting in Emmerdale

Here is the full episode of Marks Death in Emmerdale, Enjoy.

Emmerdales Maisie Wylde

Maisie Wylde is one of the most popular characters on Emmerdale.

Maisie Wylde arrived in Emmerdale in 2009, along with her parents, Mark and Natasha.
Maisie has had some of the strong storylines recently in Emmerdale. After starting a secret relationship with Ryan Lamb, she later found out, that Ryan, was actually her brother. This set of episodes, also featured the shooting of her father, by her mother.

Maisie Wylde wanted to buy the Woolpack, Emmerdales local pub, but the sale never went ahead, after she tried to drug Diane, to make her feel tired, but her mother found out, and the sale never went through.

What will Maisie Wylde get up to in the future? Hard to tell, but as one of the hottest girls on Emmerdale, you can be sure, she be on our screens for a while yet.

Heres Maisie Wylde in the latest episode of Emmerdale -

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